Amazing benefits of Neem oil in agriculture

Neem oil is one of the best pesticides in nature. Almost every part of the Neem plant is used as an effective insect repellent. Many farmers are using neem oil to get rid of rodents and insects plaguing their fields. Unlike chemical fertilizers, it is relatively safe, inexpensive, and suitable for all plant types.

These days the market is flooded with adulterated neem oils which do more harm than good. Hence, before buying it check for trusted reviews on the web. AE NATURALS Pure Neem Oil Water Soluble is a trusted brand and contains no added chemicals that can harm crops or plants.

Kills all types of insects

If your garden is infested with stubborn insects such as mites, ants, and mealybugs that refuse to leave then a pesticide made from neem oil can help you get rid of them. Neem oil is rich in azadirachtin – a plant – compound that turns the leaves bitter also suffocates insects eventually killing them.  You can eradicate almost any insects and pests namely snails, worms, moths, or larvae.

Safe to use

The number of chemicals used in making pesticides are making more toxic than safe. It not only kills your plants but has the ability to kill and paralyze your pets or cattle. However, this might not be the case with pesticides made from neem oil. You can use it as much as you want on plants and not a leaf will wilt. Besides, it also makes the soil healthy for saplings to germinate.

Prevents bugs

Azadirachtin, a beneficial compound in the neem oil tackles insects at all stages of development – egg, larvae, and adult. It acts as an antifeedant – turning the plant surface bitter for the insects to eat. It also acts as a hormone disruptor by preventing the insect to develop into an adult. Lastly, it chokes and kills insects. It forms a non-penetrable layer on the trachea of the insect which prevents it from breathing, thus suffocating and killing it.

Anti-resistant and non-pollutant

After some point in time, insects become resistant to chemical pesticides. The threshold to bear the toxicity in insects increases forcing farmers to look for stronger alternatives. This not only harms the plants but also pollutes the environment. Azadirachtin is a strong plant compound that prevents insects from becoming immune to it. Moreover, neem oil is organic and non-toxic. It will not contaminate the soil or water.

AE NATURALS Pure Neem Oil is the byproduct of the neem tree. The oil is extracted from neem leaves, bark, and seeds. Since Amazing Enterprise neem oil is a versatile product, we would like to know how you use the oil to make your own customized pesticide.

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