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What is AE Naturals Fitness Program?

Everybody knows the truth Health is Wealth but still, most of us don’t take care of our health. This results in the loss of wealth and happiness in our lives. We will think about our health only when we become unhealthy which is a sad truth about us.

It is very important to care for ourselves, but don’t know how.

AE Naturals is here with you to solve this problem. Our main objective is to promote and motivate you to take a commitment and promise ourselves to take care of your health. So that you won’t feel guilty later for being careless.

70 percent discount!!!!

Yes, AE Naturals is offering all its distributors a fitness package with up to 70 percent discount over regular yearly membership in CULT FIT by TATA.

You can win 1 lakh rupees cash prize if you are voted by your fellow members as “Most inspiring achiever”

Do you want to be the winner and win a cash prize of 1 lakh?

All you have to do is, enroll yourself in 1-year fitness challenge before 15 January 2023. We will be announcing the fit and challenging winner on 1st January 2024.

What all I get in The Fitness Challenge Package?

  • Cult Fit Elite Pass to access all programs of cultfit for 13 months
  • AE Naturals Lazy to Crazy Fitness Challenge Kit Worth Rs.3100) click here to see the list of products
  • Eligibility to participate in Lazy to Crazy Fitness Challenge and win 1 lak cash prize
  • Lifetime AE Naturals membership that allows 5-20% discount on all products.
  • Lifetime opportunity to earn affiliate commission up to 50% on your referral purchases (refer once Earn Lifetime) worth 10k
  • 1 Year Free access to all Skill development programs ae naturals worth  20k
  • 1 Year Free access to all communication development programs by ae naturals worth 20k
  • 1 Year Free Access to all Personality programs by ae naturals worth 20k

Great, how do I become an AE Naturals distributor and what should I do?

It’s very simple, just enroll in AE Naturals fitness challenge (Rs.13999 to 18999 based on your city list mentioned after FAQ. Click here.) with your KYC and your fitness goal in 2023, and achieve that in 2023 by attending 300+ days in a full calendar year to CULTFIT centres. Don’t forget to share your story of success with AE Naturals to inspire and remind lots of fellow members to become fit and healthy. Hurry up…….. The last date for enrolling for this fitness challenge is 15 Jan 2023. Once you register, you will get the ae natural products as a complimentary gift to try for free (worth 3k). If you feel the products are good and useful, surely suggest our products to your friends, relatives, or any others by just registering them in ae naturals app under you or asking them to register with your referral code generated in the app freely.
So that whatever they buy in ae naturals app and stores, you will be getting up to 50% commission as a affiliate referral income for a lifetime. In this way, AE Naturals not only makes you healthy but also makes you wealthy. There is no rule that you need to refer compulsorily, it is optional. If you feel the products and services are good and useful to them, then refer them.
Note this without fail!
Your 1 lakh rupee cash prize won’t be affected if you won’t refer our products to others. You can know detailly about this as soon as you get registered at AE Naturals. A relationship manager will be assigned specially for you who will explain to you in detail about products and earning options if you are interested.

What and why cult fit?

As you all know, TATA is an alternate name for Trust, Cult fit is also a venture of TATA group. It is providing the most advanced fitness programs throughout India by opening 1600 top-class fitness centers along with top-notch fitness trainers.

Cult Fit elite offers you to attend unlimited access to all its centers and online programs.

Where can I find the cult fit centers?

Click here to get the list of cult fit centers lists all over

Below are the key benefits of cult fit elite pass:

  • Unlimited Access to all cult fit centers
  • Unlimited Access to all types of group classes
  • Unlimited Access to 100s of healthy recipes
  • AI-Based Personal Workout Plan
  • Access 5 Sessions in other cities when you travel
  • Unlimited Access to various Live programs by Cult fit
  • Unlimited access to 5 min workout plans
  • Cast or connect the Cult fit app to your TV and work out at Home with live training
  • Unlimited access to celebrity fitness programs
  • Access to Cult fit events and many more

It’s a one-stop solution for all your fitness needs that offers Gym, Zumba, dance, yoga, meditation, boxing, etc. You can get all these by just enrolling in AE Naturals fitness challenge.

You can check here  for more about cult fit

How to enroll as ae naturals distributor?

Just click the below link and fill out the form. After filling out the form, click the link below and pay the enrolment fee. After registering, one of our relationship managers will be in touch with you for the further process.

If you find any difficulty in the process you can call us on our support number 08046444999 or what’s app us at +91 9008216453

How I can trust AE Naturals?

Once my payment is done, and if your company stops responding to me. What can I do? How can I get the service or my amount back? Thank you for asking this question, we can understand your thoughts and confusion. Many scams are going on in our society. You will get the same fear if you are hearing the name AE Naturals for the first time. You are going to pay through a payment gateway. It is RBI-approved and India’s number 1 payment gateway. AE Naturals is verified by Payu and the company is 9 years old we are following all the safety and security parameters to protect customers’ interests. You can raise a complaint with payu by the below link if you do not get any response from our company after payment
Click Here

You can also search about our company on google AE Naturals was started in 2013 and we are available on almost all eCommerce websites like amazon, flip kart, meeshoo, India Mart, Alibaba etc. So, no need to worry. You are in safe hands.

I need some time to arrange the full amount how can I get some grace time to arrange money?

No worries, you can pay Rs.1000 to confirm your registration now and you have another 20 days to arrange further amount.

Call or whatsaap us on +91 8553463261 for support

City  Price (12+1= 13 Months )
Bangalore/ Hyderabad/ Pune / Chennai/ Kochi / Ranchi/ Dehradun/ Bhubaneswar/ Vizag/ Mysore/ Jammu/ Nagpur/ Guwahati/ Rajahmundry / Imphal / Bilaspur / Nashik / Surat / Coimbatore/ Mangalore/ Bareilly Rs 13999
Pay Now
Ahmedabad / Belgaum Rs 14999
Pay Now
Delhi NCR / Chandigarh / Jabalpur / Indore/ Jaipur / Kolkata Rs 15999
Pay Now
Mumbai / Moradabad/Lucknow / Shillong & Other Cities Rs 18999
Pay Now
Advance Booking Amount Rs 1000
Pay Now
Pay Via UPI ID/ Google pay/Phone pay/ Paytm aenaturals@ybl
Free AE Naturals Feel The Difference Kit  Worth Rs.3100
AE Naturals Feel The Difference Kit
AE Naturals Herbal Tooth Paste 100g 2 Pc Rs 200
AE Naturals Life Brighitening Soap 100g 2 Pc Rs 300
AE Naturals Refreshing Soap 125g 2 Pc Rs 400
AE Naturals Roop Sundar Day Cream 30g 1 Pc Rs 500
AE Naturals Roop Sundar Night Cream 30g 1 Pc Rs 500
AE Naturals Herbal Shampoo 300ml 1 Pc Rs 500
AE Naturals Sun Screen Lotion 100ml 1 Pc Rs 400
AE Naturals Rose Water Mist Spray 200ml 1 pc Rs 300
Total Worth of Products Rs 3100
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For Support Call on +91 8553463261

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