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Long hair is part of your beauty. Otherwise, it can even be said that long hair makes you beautiful. Daily life stress, improper diet, pregnancy, and many other reasons are there for losing your hair. Losing hair can be of two types where hair loss after pregnancy is a situational problem and can be resolved by itself however stress and improper diet-related hair loss cannot be prevented if you do not opt for a better way out of preventive strategy to stop hair loss and to look better.


The strategy starts with diet. A proper nutritious diet is very important for your hair to be improved. 2013 study has revealed that guys with fresh raw vegetables can reduce risks of androgen extract alopecia, a kind of baldness. The best result you can observe is by having a higher amount of the referred food like green salad, basil more than 3 days a week. Apart from vegetables, protein is even important for your hair as hair follicles are of a protein called Keratin. 2017 study has revealed that different nutritional deficiency like amino acid which is the building block of protein is the main reason of hair loss for the participants. Hence your diet needs to be rich in protein to prevent hair loss. Healthy choices for you can be low fat, dairy products, chicken, beans, and peas, eggs. Vitamin A is even important for healthy hair where you can organize your diet with food rich in vitamin A like spinach, potato, etc. Thereby a healthy balance of protein, vitamins, and vegetables can be the best way out to prevent hair shedding.


Apart from diet, supplements can even be helpful as a scientist has explored that zinc, selenium, iron, vitamin A B C D are important for hair growth and retention. Daily intake of multivitamins can help you to be careful about your hair. Apart from multivitamins vitamin D and biotin are important to include in the supplement.


Apart from the external implement like diet and supplements, it is important to maintain hygiene to stop losing hair. It starts with regular washing. Washing hair regularly can protect your hair from shedding by making the scalp clean and healthy. Mild shampoo can be a key diver for regular wash as harsh formulas can make the hair dry and be the reason for breaking followed by shredding.

Oil massage

Oil massage is another important factor for hair growth. Shampoo and oil massage are complementary and interlinked factors for your better-nourished hair. As per the 2018 review of studies, coconut oil can prevent hair damage from ultraviolet light exposure. Lauric acid of coconut oil offers protein in hair which protects the hair from a breakage at the root. Massaging coconut oil on the scalp can promote better blood circulation to confirm re-growth. Apart from coconut oil, olive oil can be useful as it protects hair from breakage and dryness. Olive further is the main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet which can slow or genetic hair loss.

Gentle styling

Gentle styling is what is better for your hair. Hairstyling is very popular among the young generation specifically. For styling the young often some technology, machine which is not so friendly with hair and causes hair loss. Hence it is better to have gentle styling which can help the hair to grow and not to fall. It is better not to have a tight ponytail or braid which can pull the hair from the root leading to excessive shedding. Similarly straightening, curling negatively is impactful to break the hair.

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