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How to Avoid Scams when Buying Essential Oils and Fragrance oils

Ever wonder where does the scent in your soap or perfume come from? Generally, there are two options, essential oils or fragrance oil. Essential oils are well known for aromatherapy, whereas fragrance oils are used in cosmetics. While you can find that the only difference lies in the name, there are some essential differences between the two. You might have to buy fragrance oil instead of essential oils as well. Here’s all you need to know to avoid scams while buying oils to prevent confusion. 

Essential Oils vs. Fragrance Oils

To know the exact difference, you have to understand the composition and ingredients used to manufacture the two. Though both oils are artificial products, the fragrance oil is prepared by chemical means, whereas essential oils are extracts of natural resources. For better understanding, let’s compare the two on some features:


You may think that both fragrances and essential oils have the same properties. Though some of the properties are the same, essential oils are more concentrated than fragrance oils and have therapeutic features. 

Fragrance oil only contains aromatic properties. They do not have any therapeutic features. However, some of them may have insect-repelling and soothing effects as well. Please note that some of the essential oils also have these properties.

Uses: versatility

In therapeutic oils, soaps, creams, hair care, and skincare products, you can find essential oils. Fragrance oils, whereas, are used in diffusers, room fresheners, perfume blends, incense sticks, scented candles, etc. In the case of soaps and cosmetics, please note that only fragrance oils extracted from natural resources are safe for use. Though essential oils can also be used in perfume blends, room fresheners, and diffusers, you need to be careful about the concentration of these items. 

Essential oils also provide relief from cuts, sunburns, infections, etc. They are also used to treat skin acne, warts, pimples, etc. They are effective in maintaining the youthfulness of the skin as well. In the case of hair, it is effective in treating dandruff, hair fall, split ends, and other issues.

Fragrance oil has no such properties. You can use fragrance oils to have a fresh fragrance in your room. They are used in deodorants as well. In cosmetics, fragrance oils are only used to enhance the scent of the products. 

AE Naturals are offering a line of products consisting of essential oils and fragrance oils. You can check them in the portal. 

Essential Oil Characteristics

Naturally obtained

Essentials are 100% extractions of different aromatic plant parts like roots, herbs, or flowers. The oils consist of all the plants’ natural beneficial properties and scents. 

Highly concentrated

As essential oils are direct extracts of plant products without any processing, they are highly concentrated. Essential oils obtained in the markets, however, undergo dilution up to an extent. 

Aromatic properties

You might have visited aromatherapy. Essential oils are well known for stress relief. In the case of massages, essential oils are used as well. Studies show that essential oils can help:

Boost mood

Improve sleep

Reduce anxiety and pain

Reduce headaches

Medicinal properties

Essential oils have some medicinal properties as well. Along with some antimicrobial compounds, the oils are effective for cough and cold when inhaled. This is because of its decongestant property. Essentials oils are also effective in:


Bruises and Sunburns


Muscle pain 

Cough and cold

Reduce nausea

Essential oils can be used, but you have to be careful about the concentration.

In skincare and hair care products

You will often find the list of different essential oils in other self-care products you use. Essential oils are effective in maintaining the youthfulness of the skin. Along with that, it is also effective in acne, pimples, and so on. They also help reduce dandruff, hair fall, split ends, and other similar issues. Therefore, it is widely used in other skin care and hair care products. 

The fragrance of essential oils

Though essential oils have a strong fragrance, they are not synthesized, so the scent is not long-lasting. Also, the smell depends on the concentration and ingredients used. 

Fragrance Oil Characteristics

Synthesized chemically

Though fragrance oils are also obtained from natural resources, they are synthesized in laboratories for specific uses. Also, some of the fragrance oils are entirely artificially synthesized for some distinctive smells like the scent of garden aroma. 

Long-lasting fragrance

As they are synthesized explicitly for fragrance, the aroma of these oils lasts long. You have seen advertisements for long-lasting perfumes. The secret is the different processed fragrance oil. 

Used in perfumes and cosmetics

Fragrance oils are used in perfume blends as some of the components used to manufacture fragrance oils are not found naturally. Fragrance oils having the scent of baby breath or garden aroma are readily available in the market. In cosmetics, also, fragrance oils are used for their beautiful fragrance. 

Manufacturing Process Difference

As you already know, essential oils are direct extractions of natural resources; the extraction methods include cold press extraction, CO2 extraction, water distillation, etc. The extracts are liquefied, and harmful components are removed. 

Fragrance oil, unlike essential oils, is manufactured in laboratories. Essential oils are the raw materials. Along with that, other components are used to manufacture fragrance oils. The manufacturing process depends on the product. Some fragrance oils consist of aromatic compounds, whereas some contain resins and absolutes. Therefore, fragrance oils are more varied than essential oils. 


Both essential and fragrance oils are used differently and have different benefits. However, while buying, you should be aware of fake essential and fragrance oils present in the market. They consist of toxins that can be harmful.

Go for chemical-free ones buying both essential oils and fragrance oils. AE Naturals delivers chemical-free and toxin-free fragrances and essential oils. A wide range of products is available there at economical prices. Apart from being toxin and chemical-free, these oils are formulated to avoid any side effects after use. 

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