Ayurvedic Consultation Online By Whatsapp :

The third option is distance consultation on Whatsapp: Live Talk with our Ayurveda Doctor on WhatsApp is also one of a great tool for Distance Ayurvedic consultation. After confirmation of your Whatsapp consultation, we will schedule your WhatsApp chat with our Ayurveda doctor and you can consult about your health concern and ayurveda solution for the same.

Whatsapp +91-8553463261

Disclaimer: Virtual Ayurvedic OPD is just for general health advice on lifestyle-related disorder for any individual or who already registered and physically consulted with our ayurvedic doctor in the past. We do not claim to treat, cure or prevent coronavirus.

Statutory warning: Self-medication can be very dangerous. Always use ayurvedic medicine under the strict supervision of an ayurvedic doctor.

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