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AE Naturals Ashoka Powder Natural Health Care

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  • Relieving menstrual pain and irregularity: Ashoka powder is believed to be effective in regulating menstrual cycles and relieving menstrual cramps.
  • Managing infertility: It is considered to be a rejuvenating agent and is believed to balance hormones and improve the chances of conception.
  • Reducing inflammation: It is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce pain and swelling in conditions like arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.
  • Improving skin health: It is said to be beneficial for the skin and may help reduce the appearance of blemishes, pigmentation and other skin conditions.
  • Supporting cardiovascular health: It is believed to have a positive effect on cardiovascular health, it may help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Supporting digestion: It is said to be beneficial for the digestive system and may help relieve constipation and other digestive issues.
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AE Naturals Ashoka Powder.

Ashoka Powder contains all the properties of the herbs we do not do any extraction of any ingredients from the raw herb or any oil.

It is said to be a great tonic for the female reproductive system. It helps to tone up the womb (uterus). It helps to naturally clean the female’s organs.
Useful in all painful conditions. It supports a comfortable & healthy monthly flow.

It is traditionally a uterine tonic that supports healthy menstruation. A herb of choice for females. Improves the complexion of the body.

Directions to use:

Take 5 Gms (half to one tea-spoon) 2 times a day Ashoka Powder with water 1-2 hrs after meals.
Take the first dose after breakfast.
Boil 5 Gms (1-2 tea-spoon) of Ashoka in 120 ml water & make it as a tea.
Strain the water when it remains 30 ml and drink it.

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