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AE Naturals Flax Seed Oil Soft Gel Capsules

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  • AE Naturals Flax Seed Oil Soft Gel Capsules Boosts Immunity.
  • AE Naturals Flax Seed Oil Soft Gel Capsules Supports healthy Brain and Cardiovascular function.
  • AE Naturals Flax Seed Oil Soft Gel Capsules Helps maintain healthy Skin, Nail and Hair.
  • AE Naturals Flax Seed Oil Soft Gel Capsules Promotes Eye health.
  • AE Naturals Flax Seed Oil Soft Gel Capsules Improves Muscle, Bone and Joints health.

50 in stock

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AE Naturals Flaxseed oil capsules with Omega-3-6-9, and vitamin D3, 6x10 Capsules

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Flax Seed Oil Soft Gel Capsules have the highest Omega 3 6 9 in them, along with vitamin D3 and flaxseed oil. It is a wonderful alternative fish oil for vegetarians.

These pure capsules boost your immunity and have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce joints and muscles. Along with joint functions, it also improves movement and bone health in older women. 

Flax seed capsules have many other essential health benefits for both men and women: hair, skin, nails, brain, heart, and digestive health. Use regularly and make these benefits yours.


  • Helps manage cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Improves joint health and immunity
  • Promotes heart and brain health
  • Cleanses skin and hair conditions
  • Helps burn excess weight and stay fit.

Key ingredients:

OMega 3 modified

  • Omega-3 (Alpha-Linolenic Acid): Omega 3 helps you to manage cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Hence, excess fat can be burnt easily

omega 6 modified

  • Omega 6 (Oleic Acid): Omega 6 plays an important role in maintaining skin health. It reduces skin sensitivity and keeps it moist and glowing.

Screenshot 2023 04 13 085958 modified

  • Omega 9 (Linoleic Acid) Omega 9 actively reduces inflammation and insulin sensitivity.

flaxseeds modified

  • Flaxseed oil: has a wide range of benefits providing lots of protein and fibre to our body, reducing appetite, and aiding in weight control.

Vit d3

  • Vitamin D3: helps you by strengthening bones and muscles, makes your immune system strong, and can help oral health.


take caps

  • Take two capsules per day, one during the day and another before sleep for best results.


A:  These capsules are veg. It doesn’t give any fishy burps after taking the capsule. 


 Flaxseed capsules make your skin glow naturally on regular use of these capsules.

A: There are no side effects of using this product.


A: Both men and women can use Flaxseed capsules.

A: Use regularly for two to three months for best results.


Our Customers' Feedback:

Raj Kerala

Flaxseed capsules gave me a good experience after using them. I can notice the results. It’s only been a few days since I started using this. But I dint find any side effects yet. It has multiple benefits for our bodies.

Siri Chennai

I ordered this because of my mother’s recommendation. I was searching for such a product, that too veg one. It gives great relief to your body

Gahana Bengalore

A dermatologist told me to consume these capsules because I have some health issues related to my feet. I was suffering from joint pain, it helped me to deal with that too. It also helped me burn bad cholesterol too. It’s natural, so I loved this product, which is a best alternative to fish oil capsules for vegetarians.


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