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AE Naturals Roop Sundar Bleach Cream 325g


Benefits for skin:

  1. Reduces the appearance of facial hair.
  2. Balances and harmonizes skin tone
  3. Eliminates tan marks and dark patches.
  4. Imparts a luminous shine.
  5. Refines skin’s surface and feel.
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AE Naturals Roop Sundar Bleach Cream 325g

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AE Naturals Roop Sundar Bleach Cream is a trusted and effective solution for achieving a fair and radiant complexion. Formulated to lighten facial hair and even out skin tone, this bleach cream leaves you with a luminous and glowing appearance. Its gentle and safe formulation effectively removes tan, dark spots, and impurities, revealing a brighter and more youthful-looking skin.


  • Lightens facial hair.

  • Evens out skin tone.

  • Removes tan and dark spots.

  • Provides a radiant glow.

  • Improves skin texture.

Key ingredients:


  • Hydrogen Peroxide: Lightens facial hair and reduces pigmentation.

Aloe vera2 modified

  • Aloe Vera Extract: Soothes and moisturizes the skin, preventing irritation.

Milk Protein

  • Milk Protein: Brightens the complexion and adds a natural radiance.


  • Liquorice Extract: Helps fade dark spots and blemishes, promoting an even skin tone.

How to use:

wet and pat dry 1

  • Step 1: Wash face and pat dry.

applying bleach cream

  • Step 2: Mix bleach cream and activator in 2:1 ratio and apply.

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  • Step 3: Leave on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse off thoroughly.


A: Yes, the gentle formulation makes it safe for sensitive skin.

A: Use it once every 2-4 weeks, depending on hair growth.

A: No, it is free from harmful chemicals and generally safe to use.

A: Yes, it can be used on other body areas with unwanted hair.

Our Customers' Feedback:

Madhavi Delhi

"I was initially hesitant about trying a new bleach cream, but the AE Naturals Roop Sundar Bleach Cream truly exceeded my expectations. It not only lightened my facial hair but gave my skin an even and radiant glow. I'm thrilled with the results!"

Arjun Bangalore

"Living in a city, my skin often accumulates tan and impurities. The Roop Sundar Bleach Cream has been my saving grace. It gently removes tan and dark spots, and I've noticed a significant improvement in my complexion. My skin looks and feels rejuvenated!"

Shalini Kolkata

"The results with AE Naturals Roop Sundar Bleach Cream are simply amazing! My skin looks brighter and feels smoother. It effectively evens out my skin tone and imparts a youthful glow. A game-changer in my skincare routine!"

Raghav Pune

"I've tried several bleach creams in the past, but the Roop Sundar Bleach Cream stands out for its efficacy and gentleness. My skin looks luminous without any irritation, and the dark spots have faded considerably. Highly recommended!"

Priya Chennai

"Using the Roop Sundar Bleach Cream has been a delightful experience. It doesn't just lighten facial hair but rejuvenates the skin, providing a radiant glow. I receive compliments on my skin's clarity and brightness, all thanks to this wonder product!"


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