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AE Naturals Neem Capsules 60 Caps

Treats skin allergies and prevent asthma

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  • Neem Capsules Gives a strong and healthy immune system
  • Fast relief from indigestion problem and ulcer
  • Liver purification
  • Controls diabetes
  • Treats skin allergies and prevent asthma
  • Natural  treatment for acne and pigmentation
  • Prevents dandruff and hair fall

45 in stock

Net Contains: 60 Capsules

Product Features:

  • It gives a strong and healthy immune system.
  • Fast relief from indigestion problems and ulcers.
  • Liver purification.
  • Controls diabetes.
  • Treats skin allergies and prevents asthma.
  • Natural treatment for acne and pigmentation.
  • Prevents dandruff and hair fall.

AE NATURALS Pure Organic Neem Capsules made of pure neem leaf and bark extract keep your body from fungal diseases that negatively affect the body.

Neem Extract is a rich source of Vitamin E and is traditionally used for purifying and cleansing the body.

This medicinal plant’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties give complete protection from diseases, recurrent infections, and long-standing allergies.

Daily consumption of these capsules cleans your skin from the inside, giving you glowing and spotless skin.

Key Compounds

    • Neem leaf extract contains Nimbin and nimandial which are antibacterial + antifungal + antiviral agents that help our body with various infections.
    • Gedunin in neem leaves treats malaria and makes our respiratory system strong.
    • Nimbolide is good for curing leprosy and other functions.
  • Neem bark extract is a powerful agent for various skin conditions other than acne.

How to use it?

Take one capsules orally twice a  day with water after your meals. You can also use the capsules in your face and hair pack.


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