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AE Naturals RoopSundar Night Skincare Combo (Roop Sundar Soap 100g – Roop sundar Night Cream 30g) For Natural and Glowing Skin

This product is combination of Roop Sundar Soap and Roop sundar Night Cream

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Benefits Of AE Naturals RoopSundar Night Skincare Combo:

  • RoopSundar Soap in AE Naturals RoopSundar Night Skincare Combo removes dust and blackheads.
  • Night Cream regulates uneven skin tone, and fine lines and reduces dullness.
  • This combo nourishes and moisturises the skin.
  • Beneficial for all skin tones.
  • Use this until 30 days to Feel The Difference.

43 in stock

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AE Naturals RoopSundar Night Skincare Combo.

AE Naturals RoopSundar Night Skincare Combo consists of Roopsundar Skin brightening night cream and RoopSundar Skin Brightening Soap.

RoopSundar Night Cream / RoopSundar Fairness Cream 30g is specially designed to regulate uneven skin tone, fine lines, and dullness – while giving your skin a bright and glowing look. Our highly effective Brightening creams are ideal for all skin types. Results are guaranteed within 10 days of usage.

How to use

Take a pea size amount of AE NATURALS RoopSundar Cream and place small dots around your face and neck. Tap and massage lightly in a circular motion. Use it twice a day.

RoopSundar skin whitening soap is a wonderful soap that comes with effective advanced triple-action formula. This triple-action formula cleans your skin deeply and removes dust, tan and blackheads from your skin and it will nourish and moisturize your skin to keep fresh all day.

Directions for use:

Apply the soap on wet skin and softly massage your skin especially, on the most affected parts.

Don’t rub the soap harshly. Keep the soap on your skin for at least 60 seconds and then wash it off. Use regularly twice a day to get the best results.


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