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AE NATURALS Tulsi Capsules 60 Caps

Reduces stress and anxiety

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  • Tulsi Capsules Decongests the lungs and upper respiratory tract
  • Burns fat
  • Improves heart health
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Makes the skin radiant and glowing

50 in stock

AE NATURALS Pure Organic Tulsi Capsules.

AE NATURALS Pure Organic Tulsi Capsules is used as an expectorant and has the ability to clear respiratory and nasal congestion

Tulsi is one of the most revered plants in India. It is often planted in small pots or kept in courtyards for its purifying and divine influence in the vicinity.

Besides, it also purifies the blood and improves heart functioning. Tulsi also aids the digestion process.

Tulasi, also known as Holy basil or Tulsi, is a plant that is considered sacred in Hinduism and is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine.

The leaves and seeds of the Tulasi plant are used to make capsules, which are believed to have a variety of health benefits

Key Ingredients

  • Oleanolic acid reduces stress and anxiety
  • Rosmarinic acid effectively heals peptic ulcers, skin allergies, and is anti-inflammatory
  • Eugenol kills any foreign bacteria present in the body
  • Ursolic acid boosts immunity, tightens the sagging skin, burns fat, and acts against tumors

Directions to use

It is advised to take 1 Tulsi Capsules every day after your meals. Include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. Eat fibre-rich food to improve your bowel movements. Avoid oily and junk food to keep the body in good shape.


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