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What do you think is the primary cause of hair loss?

Getting hair out of a hairbrush is quite normal: Everyone sheds. But if someone begins losing an abnormal amount of hair, it can be a result of concern. Normal loss of hair doesn’t imply much effect on your look or warmth, as your head possesses much more to make up for the regular limited amount of loss. But there may be a more notable reason for your hair problems when you begin to see your scalp or bald areas.

When you think about hair problems, you may think about genetic reasons, like the male form of baldness. Hormones, thyroid issues, and other diseases can all result in hair loss too. So, what are these several reasons, how to deal with them, and what products are effective to use? Let’s grab a look.


It’s no doubt that too much stress can result in hair loss. It can levitate androgen (male hormone) levels, which can result in hair loss. Significant stress throws a huge amount of hair follicles into a resting state. Affected hairs might fall off all of a sudden within a few months while combing or washing your hair.

Stress may also generate scalp issues, like dandruff, disrupt eating habits, and affect the digestive system. To control this, perform regular exercise, which eventually assists to manage stress.

Nutrition Deficiency

A proper nutrition diet consists of lots of vitamins and minerals. Research depicts that a lack of iron, vitamin B12, and vitamin D in your body can result in hair loss. These vitamins and minerals play a role in stimulating hair cell protein and new & old hair follicles. Without enough essential vitamins and minerals in your body, new hair growth can be disrupted.

Medications That Interfere with Hair Follicle Stimulation

Drugs result in hair loss by interfering with the regular scalp hair growth cycle. Common medications that can cause hair loss include Anticlotting drugs, Cholesterol-lowering drugs, Drugs that suppress the immune system, Drugs that treat breast cancer & other cancers, Epilepsy drugs, High blood pressure medications, Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, Thyroid medications, and Steroids.

Faulty Scalp Circulation

Scalp problems like dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis are associated with rough hair, hair breakage, and lower hair shine. Also, poor scalp health related to these conditions can also result in premature hair loss.

Hormonal Imbalance

A hormonal imbalance can result in a multitude of disturbing health and beauty problems, from adult acne to weight gain. If your hormones aren’t working normally, the effects will radiate your hairs as well, as hormones do play a big role in regulating the hair growth cycle, like an excess of androgens can result in hair loss.

Thyroid Disorder

Severe and prolonged conditions of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can result in hair loss. The thyroid gland controls the building of proteins and tissue utilize of oxygen, regulating body metabolism. Thyroid imbalance may affect hair follicles. The loss is diffuse and concludes the complete scalp rather than discrete regions.

Poor Diet and Water Intake

If there is an improper supply of water to the hair follicles, it will lead to hair dullness, lifeless, dryness, and will become rough, brittle, and break easily. Thus, hair loss can be counted as a side-effect of dehydration.

Plus, poor diets can result in deficiencies in necessary fatty acids, zinc, protein, and complete calories, all of which can ultimately result in reputed hair loss. So it’s important to intake enough water and a proper diet that has a balanced amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals for finer hair and better health. 

Chemical Exposure

Hair loss because of chemical damage is a direct outcome of damaged hair follicles. Damaged hair follicles cannot grow again into healthy hair. Once the hair follicles get damaged, it is most unlikely that non-surgical hair loss treatments will be able to work.

Hairpulling (Trichotillomania)

Trichotillomania is confirmed by an excessive urge to continuously pull out one’s own hair, leading to repetitive hair pulling and overall hair loss. The scalp hair gets affected, also along with the eyelashes, eyebrows, and beard. Therapy by a specialized body-focused repetitive behavior practitioner would be the best way to deal with trichotillomania.


Hair loss may have causes that you never thought to look into, but they might be affecting your hair and health in a way that you didn’t expect. And so, it’s always important to maintain a healthy diet and use medications prescribed only by doctors for better health along with better hair.

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