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When using hair serums, avoid these common mistakes.

Is your hair becoming dull and dry? Can we apply hair serum every day? Or perhaps you’re curious about the use of hair serum for straightening. We will address all of your inquiries about hair serum. Choose a hair serum to soothe and soothe those tresses if you’re seeking magic and want to repair all the harm that hairstyling and extreme heat have done to your hair. It’s time to add another step of using a hair growth serum to your hair care regimen. You may make your hair strong, lustrous, and smooth by using an excellent hair development serum for ladies. The most nourishing styling product you can use is a hair serum because the appropriate one can also help you straighten your hair. Even if it relies on the formulation of the serum, a good hair serum should provide the following advantages:

  1. harmonizes hair
  2. makes hair sparkle
  3. reduces frizz
  4. hair detangler
  5. restores harm to hair
  6. safeguards hair from environmental toxins
  7. maintains curls and straightens hair

hair serum

A hair serum must be used if you identify with these hair problems. However, even though applying hair serum might not seem difficult, many individuals frequently get it incorrectly. We’ve given some advice on do’s, don’ts, and typical mistakes we make when using hair serums to assist you in understanding how to use them properly.



  1. Apply to wet hair.

Applying hair serum to damp hair will ensure that it works well and gives your hair a healthy, shiny appearance. When your hair is still damp from towel drying, grab some hair serum and knead it between your palms before evenly applying it to your hair. Your hair will be incredibly lustrous and well-nourished when it has dried.


  1. Choose the proper serum.

Similar to shampoos and conditioners, there are a variety of hair serums on the market, each designed to treat a particular hair type or issue. Choose a serum like the TIGI Bed Head Control Freak Frizz Control and Straightener Serum if your hair is curly, frizzy, or difficult to maintain.


  1. Use after-heat styling

Make sure to generously spray your hair with heat protectant spray before styling if you frequently go for your heat styling equipment. Apply your hair serum to give your hair some shine after styling.



  1. Apply to your head’s scalp.

Both conditioners and hair serums function similarly; however, neither one should be administered to the scalp. Your scalp produces natural oils to maintain its own and roots’ health. The strands are the only thing that dries out, rips, and dies. Serum applied to the crown of your head will only make your hair look greasy and lifeless. Just concentrate on length and advice, instead.


  1. Use on dirty hair.

When applied to freshly washed hair, hair serums perform at their best. It will draw and collect dirt, weigh your hair down, and make it seem generally sloppy if applied to dirty or unwashed hair.


  1. Use excessive serum

When it comes to beauty, always remember the adage “less is more.” Regardless of how dry and frizzy your hair is, using a lot of serum won’t help. Instead, as per the length and thickness of your hair, apply a few drops evenly from the mid-distances to the tips.


How to apply hair serum

It’s crucial to apply your hair serum correctly to benefit from it. Here  is the whole procedure step by step in detail.

  1. Washing your hair well is the primary step in the process. Choose one day every week for hair rinsing. You can wash your hair carefully and get a complete cleaning.
  2. Rinse your hair, and then apply conditioner.
  3. In the palm of your hand, apply 1 to 2 drops of hair serum. While warming the serum for five seconds, rub your plans.
  4. Apply to your hair by working your way up to the middle of your strands. With your hands, try to distribute the product evenly. Avoid applying the serum on your roots or excessive amounts of the product to avoid a greasy appearance.
  5. When applying hair serum, use caution. The violent act of pulling through your hair should be avoided.
  6. Once you have finished applying the serum, carefully comb your hair from the center to the ends to distribute the serum evenly.
  7. As usual, style your hair.



It would help you if you now had a better understanding are doing incorrectly and how to use hair serums effectively. You can rock the shiny hair days ahead if you choose a hair serum appropriate for your hair type. Apply the serum to the hair shafts, and stop using it if it produces excessive hair loss or scalp rashes.

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