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Papaya Soap: Naturally Nourishing for Healthy, Glowing Skin!

Remove pimples to give a clearer face

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  • AE Naturals Papaya Soap Removes and pimples to give a clearer face
  • Protects from acne
  • Reduces blackheads and wrinkles
  • Protects against sun damage and is an amazing soap for tan removal
  • Nourishes the skin
  • Lightens skin complexion to give you a radiant and beautiful look.

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AE Naturals Papaya soap 100g | Pack of 4 |

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AE Naturals Papaya soap with Skin Brighteners and Sunscreen makes your skin bright while protecting against harmful UV rays that can cause irreparable damage to the skin.
AE Naturals Fruity Papaya soap helps to remove damaged skin, reduce the appearance of acne, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and scars. It is one of the most effective skin brightening soaps available in the market.


  • Makes your skin clear and bright
  • Keeps you fresh all the day
  • Traps all the toxins & environmental pollutants
  • Cleans out the pores, letting skin breathe
  • Detoxify and purify your skin

Key ingredients:

Papaya modified

  • Papaya extract is a natural ingredient that contains papain enzymes and vitamin A, which can help exfoliate and brighten the skin. It can also help reduce the appearance of dark spots and acne scars, leaving the skin with a healthy glow.

hebal cubes modified

  • Herbal cubes are natural skincare products that contain a blend of herbs and essential oils that can help soothe and nourish the skin. They can also help balance the skin’s pH, reduce inflammation, and improve skin texture.


  • Glycerine is a humectant that helps retain moisture in the skin, preventing dryness and dehydration. It can also help improve skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and protect the skin from environmental stressors.

How to use:

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  • Step 1: Wet your skin with water and create a lather by rubbing the soap gently between your hands.

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  • Step 2: Apply the lather to your face or body, massaging gently in a circular motion.

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  • Step 3: Rinse off thoroughly with water and pat dry with a clean towel.


A: Yes, it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

A: No, our product is made with complete natural ingredients and does not contain any harsh chemicals.

A: Yes, papaya Soap contains natural ingredients that can help reduce acne breakouts by exfoliating and unclogging pores, reducing inflammation, and balancing the skin's pH. However, results may vary depending on the individual's skin type and severity of acne.

A: Yes, this product can be used on both the body and face.

A: The longevity of a bar of Papaya Soap will depend on how often it is used and how it is stored. On average, one bar should last for 3-4 weeks with daily use.

Our Customers' Feedback

Tanvi Bangalore

AE Naturals Papaya Soap has become a staple in my skincare routine. It's gentle yet effective, and I've noticed a significant improvement in my skin's texture and tone.

Raj Kolkata

I've struggled with uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation for years, but This has been a game-changer for me. My skin looks more even and radiant, and I've received compliments on my glowing complexion.

Anjali Chennai

I love how it is made with natural ingredients and does not contain harsh chemicals. It's gentle on my skin and has helped reduce my acne breakouts.

Seema patel Mumbai

I've struggled with acne-prone skin for years and have tried countless products to no avail. However, since switching to this Soap, my skin has cleared up significantly and I'm no longer self-conscious about my complexion.

Rahul singh Bangalore

As someone with sensitive skin, I've always struggled to find a soap that doesn't cause irritation or dryness. But this Soap is gentle enough for even the most delicate skin, yet still effective at cleansing and nourishing. I'll never use another soap again!


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