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About Health 360

Hi, I am B S SAHANA founder of AE. I am happy to reach you & congratulate you for Self-aenon. Have you ever noced the rise in the number of medical stores compared to grocery stores in your local area recently? What is it indicang? Because of poor dietary choices, a sedentary lifestyle, and a lack of awareness and aenon toward own health lead to lifestyle disorders like Obesity, high Blood pressure, diabetes, heart aacks, cancer, stress, etc. Just look around you. You will find that 60-70% of people are facing some or other health problems. Because of this only medicine business all over the world increasing rapidly. Being aware of the problem is the first step towards any Soluon. The good part is you get rid of all these health problems in a very simple way by just adding a simple roune in your life by taking care of Gut health, Balanced diet, 20min exercise and exposing to sunlight. But in today's faster life, everybody is not able to get a proper balanced diet that fulfills all the nutrients that the body needs, because of lack of me, awareness about what to take and how much to take more over using more chemicals and pescides in the culvaon of foods and taking more processed foods and lack of financial capacity and availability to add organic vegetables, fruits in daily life people are not geng the right nutrion. To solve this problem, We AE Naturals aer doing extensive research for around 10 years introducing a Health 360 Pack to prevent and protect from these problems with the help of Ayurveda in a very simple and praccal way by just adding some daily roune in your daily life. Herbal Juice will detoxify and improve gut health to maintain the digesve system and the capsules will provide you with the complete nutrion that body needs, and an Herbal Tea will rejuvenate and improve energy levels. Incorporang the Health 360 combo into your roune, along with dedicang 20 minutes to body mobility exercises and ensuring exposure to sunlight, guarantees a pathway to a healthy and blissful life.