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Crystal Q Skin Brightening Soap for Men 135g
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Introducing AE Naturals Crystal Q Skin Lightening Soap, specially crafted for men seeking clear and vibrant skin. This soap is designed to address the unique needs of men's tough and rugged skin, going beyond the capabilities of ordinary and women-centric soaps. Packed with active ingredients, it effectively washes away facial impurities while providing essential nourishment, ensuring men look their best. The soap boasts key benefits, tackling hyperpigmentation, reducing pimples, scars, dark circles, and spots. Its anti-aging properties make the skin firmer and deeply moisturized, offering a comprehensive skincare solution. AE Naturals Crystal Q is also a reliable defense against skin allergies, providing a shield for sensitive skin. The key ingredients include Glutathione for treating blemishes, Kojic Acid with antibacterial properties, Licorice extracts for reducing dark circles, and Almond and Jojoba oils rich in Vitamin E for acne reduction and overall skin health. AE Naturals Crystal Q Skin Brightening Soap is your go-to solution for a refreshed and glowing complexion. Invest in your skin's well-being today!


Key Benefits:


  • Hyperpigmentation and Anti-Aging: Crystal Q Skin Brightening Soap for men tackles hyperpigmentation, leaving your skin visibly brighter and more even-toned. Experience the anti-aging benefits as this soap helps firm and moisturize your skin, addressing signs of aging for a youthful appearance.
  • CmPimples, Scars, Dark Circles and Skin Allergies: This specially formulated soap reduces the appearance of pimples, scars, dark circles, and spots, promoting clearer and smoother skin. Crystal Q Soap is a reliable defense against skin allergies, ensuring that your skin stays healthy and irritation-free.


Key Ingredients:


  • Glutathione: Discover the power of Glutathione, a skin superhero that tackles blemishes and hyperpigmentation. Our Crystal Q Skin Brightening Soap for men is enriched with this key ingredient, helping you achieve a clearer and more radiant complexion.
  • Kojic Acid: Unleash the antibacterial and antifungal prowess of Kojic Acid in our specially crafted soap. Say goodbye to pesky pimples, scars, and dark circles as this ingredient works its magic, promoting a healthier and spot-free appearance.
  • Licorice Extracts: Packed with glabridin, Licorice Extracts in our soap target dark circles, age spots, and skin discoloration. Experience the benefits of this natural compound, giving your skin a rejuvenated and even-toned glow.
  • Almond Oil: Revitalize your skin with the goodness of Almond Oil, rich in Vitamin E. Combat acne, promote skin cell regeneration, and enjoy a smoother complexion. Embrace the natural care that comes with this nourishing ingredient.
  • Jojoba Oil: Indulge in the antibacterial wonders of Jojoba Oil, accompanied by the skin-loving Vitamin E. Keep your skin not only smooth but also healthy and radiant. 
  • Coconut Oil: Experience the moisturizing marvel of Coconut Oil, a guardian against skin diseases. Let your skin get hydration and protection, thanks to the effectiveness of this natural ingredient. 


Directions to Use:


  1. Wet body and face before application.
  2. Apply soap and lather gently.
  3. Rinse off thoroughly with warm water.
  4. Wipe dry after the bath.
  5. Repeat twice daily for optimal results.


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