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Premium Rose Water 200ml
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Discover skincare luxury with AE Naturals Premium Rose Water, designed to transform your beauty routine. Give yourself the timeless essence of roses, made to deliver a glowing experience like no other. As you start this journey, our Premium Rose Water is a versatile companion, enhancing your skincare routine. Rosewater is a natural wonder celebrated for its astringent properties. As a superior facial toner, it delicately balances your skin's pH levels, promoting a harmonious equilibrium that reflects in your radiant complexion. Get rid of excess oil and welcome a tightened skin that exudes a natural, healthy glow. Get gentle hydration with our Premium Rose Water. Enriched with the essence of roses, this face mist becomes a source of moisture for your skin. Regardless of your skin type, the delicate embrace of rose-infused hydration leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. As you include AE Naturals Premium Rose Water into your daily routine, each spray becomes a moment of self-care. Refresh, glow and experience the aroma of roses with every application. Spritz, and let the mist settle, covering your skin in a beautiful essence. Enhance your skincare experience with Premium Rose Water, where botanical excellence meets timeless beauty. 


Key Benefits:


  • Refreshing Face Mist: AE Naturals Premium Rose Water works as a face mist, offering an instant refreshment for your skin. Spray it on for a burst of freshness that refreshes your complexion, leaving you with a luminous and hydrated glow.
  • Balancing Astringent Properties: Rosewater's natural astringent properties make it an excellent facial toner. It helps tighten pores, control excess oil, and maintain the skin's optimal pH level, promoting a balanced and healthy complexion.
  • Gentle Hydration: Experience the gentle hydration of rose-infused mist, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. This premium formulation locks in moisture, making it an ideal companion for all skin types.


Key Ingredients:


  • Rosewater: Derived from the essence of roses, our Premium Rose Water is a pure and natural ingredient. It acts as a gentle astringent, toning the skin and preserving its pH balance for a glowing and refreshed look.


Directions to Use:


  1. Hold the bottle at arm's length and spray the Premium Rose Water onto your face.
  2. Allow the mist to settle on your skin, providing an instant refreshing sensation.
  3. Use throughout the day to maintain a hydrated and glowing complexion.


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