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Pure Papaya Leaf Extract Capsules 60 Caps
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AE NATURALS Papaya Leaf Extract Capsules offer a natural solution for those seeking to boost immunity and address various health concerns. Packed with the goodness of Papaya Leaf and Piper Longum Extract, these capsules aim to enhance overall well-being. The main ingredient, Papaya Leaf, contains Papain, a compound known for breaking down proteins, soothing the GI tract, and promoting healthy digestion. With a rich blend of Flavonoids, and vitamins A, B, and C, these capsules contribute to reducing symptoms of diseases like dengue and malaria, effectively increasing blood platelet levels. Beyond its immune-boosting properties, Papaya Leaf supports skin health, aids hair growth, and tackles dandruff issues. The inclusion of Piper Longum Extract, a patented black pepper extract, enhances nutrient absorption, maximizing the benefits of the key ingredients. This dynamic combination not only lowers blood sugar but also proves effective in relieving menstrual pain and reducing the risk of cancer. For optimal results, the recommended dosage is 2 capsules in the morning and 2 at night after meals, maintained for at least 3 months. AE NATURALS Pure Papaya Leaf Extract Capsules stand out as a holistic health supplement, offering a convenient and natural way to address diverse health needs. 


Key Benefits:


  • Boosts Immunity: AE NATURALS Pure Papaya Leaf Extract Capsules enhance your immune system, reducing the risk of diseases like dengue and malaria. Papaya leaf's rich nutrient profile may contribute to lowering the risk of cancer, supporting long-term health.
  • Healthy Skin and Hair: AE NATURALS Pure Papaya Leaf Extract Capsules contribute to radiant skin and luscious hair. Packed with vitamins A, B, and C, along with Flavonoids, these capsules promote skin health, boost hair growth, and combat dandruff. 
  • Health Support: Increases blood platelet levels, especially beneficial for those dealing with conditions like dengue, offering relief and aiding recovery. Soothes the GI tract, aids digestion, and helps in managing peptic ulcers. It also lowers blood sugar levels, contributing to overall health and well-being.
  • Menstrual Pain Relief: AE NATURALS Pure Papaya Leaf Extract Capsules offer effective relief from menstrual pain. The natural properties of Papaya Leaf help alleviate discomfort, providing a gentle and soothing solution. 


Key Ingredients:


  • Papaya Leaf: Packed with Flavonoids, and vitamins A, B, and C, Papaya Leaf is your natural ally for healthy digestion, vibrant skin, and luscious hair. Experience the benefits of papain, a compound that eases GI discomfort by breaking down proteins.
  • Piper Longum Extract: Boost your body's nutrient absorption with our exclusive Piper Longum Extract. Derived from black pepper, this patented extract enhances the effectiveness of key ingredients. Clinical studies show it maximizes health benefits, ensuring you get the most from each capsule. 


Directions to Use:


  1. Take 2 capsules in the morning after meals.
  2. Take 2 capsules at night after meals.
  3. Consistently use it for at least 3 months for optimal results.


Note: Before starting, consult with your doctor for personalized advice. Ensure these capsules align with your health needs for a safe and effective journey to well-being.


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