Crystal Glow Hair Shampoo 250ml
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Description: Introducing Crystal Glow Hair Shampoo, your go-to solution for luxurious locks! This premium bottle of sulfate-free magic caters to all hair types, promising a gentle yet powerful cleanse. The secret lies in the blend of key ingredients like Brahmi extract, a hair superhero packed with vitamin C, Saponins, and Flavonoids. This powerhouse strengthens your hair roots, curbing hair fall and promoting robust growth. Bhringraj extract, another champion, not only stimulates hair growth but also battles premature greying and pesky dandruff with its antibacterial and antifungal prowess. Enter Licorice root, working its magic to soothe scalp conditions, bid farewell to dandruff, and combat premature balding. As a bonus, it provides relief from dull hair, split ends, and sun-induced damage. Bakuchi extract seals the deal by promoting hair growth, addressing dry and itchy scalp issues, and reducing excess hair fall. Follow the easy directions: wet your hair, apply the shampoo to the scalp, and massage gently for a rich lather. Rinse thoroughly, and voila! Healthy, lustrous hair is just a shower away. Make Crystal Glow Hair Shampoo your daily dose of hair pampering.


Key Benefits:


  • Hair Fall Defense: Crystal Glow Hair Shampoo is your shield against hair fall. Infused with Brahmi extract, it strengthens roots and reduces hair loss, giving you fuller, healthier hair.
  • Growth Booster: Experience the power of Bhringraj extract in promoting hair growth. Say goodbye to thinning hair as this shampoo nourishes your scalp, encouraging a luscious mane.
  • Greying Gracefully: Defy premature greying with our sulfate-free formula. Packed with Bakuchi extract, it keeps your hair youthful, vibrant, and naturally slows down the greying process.
  • Root-to-Tip Nourishment: Let Licorice root soothe your scalp and nourish your hair from roots to tips. Combat dullness, split ends, and sun damage, reveling in the vitality of your revitalized hair.


Key Ingredients:


  • Brahmi Extract: Enhance your hair's vitality with our Crystal Glow Hair Shampoo, enriched with Brahmi extract. Packed with vitamin C, Saponins, and Flavonoids, it fortifies your hair roots, reducing hair fall and promoting robust growth.
  • Bhringraj Extract: Experience the power of Bhringraj in our sulfate-free shampoo. This natural extract stimulates hair growth, strengthens strands, and wards off premature greying and dandruff. Effective against bacteria and fungi, it's your secret to healthier, more resilient hair.
  • Licorice Root: Unveil the soothing properties of Licorice Root in our premium-quality shampoo. Address scalp conditions like scabs and dandruff while preventing premature balding. Bid farewell to dull hair, split ends, and sun-induced damage, and say hello to a revitalized scalp.
  • Bakuchi Extract: Indulge your hair in the nourishing benefits of Bakuchi extract. Our shampoo promotes hair growth, tackles dry and itchy scalp issues, and curbs excess hair fall. Babchi oil, a key component, enhances the overall appearance of your hair and nails by boosting blood circulation.


Directions to Use:


  • Wet hair thoroughly.
  • Apply shampoo to the scalp.
  • Massage gently with fingertips for a rich lather.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Repeat if necessary for optimal results.


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